Personal Training

Start your personal Heartcore fitness journey

Your movement journey

Move to your own beat with Heartcore personal training – our signature dynamic movement method, tailored for you. One on one, with a friend, or in your own small group, we meet you where you are, in mind and body, giving you dedicated time and expertise.

Within our individual approach, our experienced teachers can also work with you to begin a tailored rehabilitation program, shape your pre- and post-natal journey, or create a personalised introduction to Heartcore.

Personal training sessions are available to book directly, below. Or you can contact us at [email protected] for additional availability, to discuss your requirements and begin your personal training journey.


Our bespoke approach. Your bespoke program.

Whether you’re moving towards a set goal, refreshing your mind and body, boosting injury recovery, or looking for top tips to take into class, we’re here to address your specific needs.

Personal Training

In Studio + Online

Within our light, spacious studios, our sessions are available just for you or with a friend as a duet booking. One-off, or in blocks of 6 and 12. Move with us regularly to transform your body and your mind.

Group Class intro

In Studio

Discover dynamic movement with this ultimate introduction to Heartcore – we’ll support you in your journey to master the Coreformer®, and build your confidence and connection with our unique method at a pace to suit you.

Physio Referral

In Studio + Online

Feeling good and being strong is for everyone. Our team of experts will curate a program to support your rehabilitation and gently rebuild your fitness, giving you confidence in moving pain free.

Pre + post natal

In Studio + Online

Pregnancy and the post-natal period are unique to every body. With private sessions during this special time, we will help you prepare for, and safely recover from childbirth.



1 Studio PT


2 Week Expiry

1 Duet PT


2 Week Expiry



6 PT’s

£570 / 3 months

£95 / Session

2+ sessions a month


12 PT’s

£1,095 / 3 months

£91 / Session

4+ sessions a month


6 Duet PT’s

£695 / 3 months

£115 / Session

2+ sessions a month


12 Duet PT’s

£1,345 / 3 months

£112 / Session

4+ sessions a month


Our Personal Training team move with you at all of our studios. Certain locations offer a dedicated space, while other sessions are held within our spacious main Pilates studios outside of class hours. Click on your preferred location to find out more, or get in touch.

In our guests’ words

Within a few sessions, I felt stronger and leaner! There’s always something new, whether we’re on the Coreformer® (my new BFF!), the mat, or using the TRX and kettlebells – I’m loving my program.

Palm tree leaves

I always look forward to the next session – I’ve never had so much fun training!

A woman in a grey top looking at the camera as she stretches her arm

My teacher really understands my body and selects the best exercises for me. She knows exactly how much, and where to push me!

Turquoise sea waves with foam

I’m upright, balanced and feel alive again! PT really helped with my recovery. I feel stronger than ever – physically, mentally; it’s my mainstay.

Man wiping sweat from brow

Private Groups

Looking to host a private group training experience? Our dedicated team are here to help you create the perfect online or in-person connection.

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