Here are some answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, don’t worry just contact [email protected] or use the form provided on our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Online Classes

live class schedule + on-demand library

Explore the full on-demand library alongside our live Upcoming classes. The class schedule will typically show one week ahead, and you can reserve as many classes as you wish with our Membership options and Weekly Class Pass.

You can filter your search by teacher, date, type of class, fitness level or equipment – simply click in the search at the top of your screen, or select a View All button.

Your first Heartcore at Home class

Sign in to your Heartcore account, or Sign up to get started. Please ensure your Account Info is up to date with the correct email address so that we can send you your Online Studio access.

You’ll need to purchase a Membership or Class Pass before you can book in. All Memberships start with a 7-day free trial and provide access to all livesteam and on-demand classes.

First access | Upon purchase of a Membership or PAYG Class Pass, you will receive a Get Started email asking you to set your password. Once you’ve set your password, you’re ready to explore the Online Studio and book your classes. If you’re moving with us using a PAYG Livestream Class Pass, you will need to book your class via the website schedule, this will then open up your access to the Online Studio to join the class.

Finding the right class | Our classes are designed to be accessible for everyone, with general modifications throughout the class according to pre- and post-natal guidelines and lower back health. As you enter the Online Studio for the first time you’ll be asked to select class types that you like, and at a fitness level suited to how you’re feeling. This allows us to suggest some suitable classes upfront. You can also search at the top of the class screen by duration, level, teacher, class type – and if in doubt joining one of our Fundamentals classes, introducing you to the Heartcore method.

We’re always here to chat and help steer your class choice. You can get in touch with the team via website live chat, emailing [email protected], and best of all before and after any live class you can speak with one of our expert teachers!

Buy, Book, & Cancel

You’ll need to purchase a Membership or a PAYG Class Pass before you can book a livestream or watch any of the on-demand classes.

Livestream + on-demand | Memberships start with a 7-day free trial and alongside our PAYG Weekly Class Pass, gives you access to all livesteam and on-demand workouts.

Livestream only | You can also purchase a PAYG pass to join any livestream class. Booking your session via the website schedule or App opens up your access to the Online Studio for you to join the class.

Booking | In order to add a class to your personal calendar, you’ll need to book via the website schedule or App (please note, the booking window closes 30 minutes before the scheduled start time). You’ll receive an email notification titled ‘BOOKED’ with the option to add the class to your calendar.

You can also book your classes directly from the Online Studio webpage with any Membership or Weekly Class Pass – these reservations will be organised for quick access in a row at the top of your page titled ‘Reserved’.

Joining a live class | 20 minutes ahead of the class start, you’ll receive a link via email to join us, and we open the doors 15 minutes beforehand to welcome everyone in.

Cancelling | With a Membership or Weekly Class Pass, your unlimited access means there’s no need to worry about cancelling a class if you can no longer join us live. Please note, with our PAYG Livestream Class Passes, you will need to cancel your class ahead of the start time in order to return the credit to your account for future booking.

Which device should I use?

Our Online Studio is currently optimised for desktop/laptop devices. You can stream on a smartphone or iPad and we recommend updating to the latest OS with Safari for the best experience.

Apple, unfortunately, enforce limitations on mobile websites that cause intermittent issues with the audio. The good news is that our mobile App is on its way (coming early Summer), and will override any iPhone/iPad bumps that you may notice.

Browser recommendations

We support browser-based video playback on most computers and mobile devices. Log in to the Online Studio on a browser of your choice (eg Chrome or Safari), click on the live or on-demand class that you’d like to watch, and the video should start streaming!

  • Google Chrome: version 37 or later on Windows 8.1 or later, Mac OS X 10.10
  • Safari: Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later, or iOS 6 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox: version 47 or later on Windows 8.1 or later, Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
  • Microsoft Edge: Windows 10
  • Internet Explorer: 11 or later on Windows 8.1 or later
Casting to TV

Mirroring through your mobile (iPhone/iPad)

If you also have an Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to wirelessly mirror your device’s screen and audio. (NB if you can see the video without sound after following the steps in the guide, try these two troubleshooting steps.)

Alternatively, you can connect with a cable. Use one of Apple’s Digital Audio/Video (AV) adapters to connect your device to a TV via any standard HDMI cable (eg AmazonBasics). Links to the two adapters are provided below (make sure the top of the adapter matches the cable that you currently use to charge your iPhone/iPad device)

Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter

Casting from a mobile device (Android)

If you also own a Chromecast, you can cast your Android screen by following these instructions.

Mirroring from a laptop/desktop/PC

  • Connect with an HDMI cable. Most laptops, desktops, or PCs have an HDMI port.
  • If you have one of these ports, it’s as simple as connecting an HDMI cable (eg this) to your TV.
  • If your MAC has a Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C port, then you can purchase a USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to mirror your screen to a TV via an HDMI cable.
  • If your MAC has a Thunderbolt 2 / Mini DisplayPort, then you can purchase a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter to mirror your screen.  
  • If you use Windows, Chrome browser and own a Chromecast device, you can cast directly from the Chrome browser. See this webpage for more details.
Joining & getting the most from your live class

Carve yourself a little extra time to get ready in true Heartcore style – with a burn of sage, incense or palo santo, a dim to the lights, some heat in your room, and why not light your favourite candle too!

Class link | If you booked via the website schedule or App, lookout for an email 20 minutes before the class starts with your link to join. If you miss the link, you can always join directly from the Online Studio via the Upcoming, or Reserved row.

Music | If you prefer to listen to your own music, make sure to have this ready to go. We will share an optional playlist in the group class chat, this opens in a new window and we recommend playing this via an alternative device in order to balance volume controls.

15 minutes before class | The studio will open 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to ensure we’re all together and connected — technically, just as much as to say ‘hi’ to friends, old and new. Your teacher will be online ready to meet you and to help with any questions.

As you enter the classroom your microphone will be muted, and your camera will be off. To participate in the pre-class conversation you will need to select Pinned, or Gallery view and click the mic and camera icons to switch them on.

In the pre-class period, check your on-screen volume is set with the classroom volume turned up. (NB Unavailable on the iPhone or iPad – however, you can still join the text chat during this time.)

Chatting | You can text and audio chat with the group as a whole, or anyone that you know, privately, throughout the 15 minutes that we’re together, pre- and post-class. You can also chat throughout the class if you want to, though we hope you’re here to move! In our pre- and post-class conversations you will need to have your Classroom Volume turned up, and throughout the class, you will need to have your Instructor volume turned up. These settings can be found in the volume icon bottom left of your class screen.

You can flip between the gallery and pinned views to join the live classroom video conversation; if you want to just get ready for class and not participate, you’re welcome to select the teacher view which shows a holding screen until the class rolls. 

Private connections | You can switch between the group text chat and guest list by clicking the chat icon, bottom left of the class screen. The group chat is where everyone comes together to text and where we’ll be sharing alternative playlists and tips to guide your class experience.

The leaderboard guest list is where you can see who’s in class. There’s a ‘high-five’ and chat icon next to the name of everyone in the class – see someone you know? Here’s where you can get in touch privately with a high-five or DM. To the left of their name you’ll also see a + icon, click this to add them to Your Crew. Once they add you to theirs, you can both share a private audiovisual feed – in the Share Settings icon at the bottom left of your class screen, select ‘Share camera to my Crew’, to ensure your conversation is private. Just remember to adjust that setting when you want to come back into the room with everyone else.

At class start | As the class starts, your classroom volume will be muted in order to hear the teacher without any distraction. You can balance your music in the Volume icon, turning the integrated music up, down or off to play music of your choice, maybe one of our public Spotify playlists.

Watching fullscreen | Selecting Speaker view will allow you to see the class fullscreen, you can toggle the double arrows bottom right to come in and out of that view.

You can join a Live class at any time, even if the class has started – rewind to the start and move along in almost real-time.

As class closes |The studio will reopen after the live class ends, there’s a small pause to allow for technology to do its thing. Use this time to turn your classroom volume back up, switch your camera on (if it was off), and join us for post-class group or private chat with your friends.

Issues with streaming, freezing?

We’re all streaming from different locations and sometimes our WiFi isn’t strong enough.

Click on the network bars, bottom right of the class screen to lower the video quality based on your internet speed and location.

Close down other tabs or programs running, and limit the number of devices connected to your WiFi whilst you’re in class.

Refreshing your browser, and taking a long deep breath typically fixes any issue.

On-Demand Private Class with Friends

All live classes save automatically to the on-demand library. With a Membership, you have the freedom to take these classes whenever it suits you and you can also enjoy on-demand workouts with friends using the Crew settings.

To workout on-demand with a friend, join the on-demand class at the same time adding each other to your crew, share your camera and mic to your crew, select pinned or gallery view, and there you have it – your private online Heartcore class!

There may well be others moving with you at the same time so to ensure privacy, remember to select the ‘Share to my Crew’ settings, bottom left of your class screen.

Favorites & Feedback

We always love to know what your heart’s liking, feeling and pining for… hang around after class to let us know, or send us some gold stars at the bottom of the class screen with a feedback note after any live or on-demand class.

With a Membership, you can also keep your favorite classes close to your heart. Click the heart icon and they’ll save to your Favorites row at the top of your Online Studio page.

And we all know it’s better together, so why not share a class to someone that you think will love to move with us online. Wherever you see an arrow icon, you can share us far and wide!

Pre & Post-Natal training

Keep Moving | You’re welcome to continue training throughout your pregnancy with the approval of your doctor. Our teachers will follow your progress and advise of any adjustments and support. We highly recommend following our Pre and Post-Natal specific classes to ensure you’re moving safely.

First Timers | If you’re new to our classes, we ask that you either move specifically in our Pre and Post-Natal classes or with personal training session and your doctor’s approval. Please refer to our T&C’s here

Private Training | You can contact the team via [email protected] to discuss your available options.

Post-Natal Care | We will be delighted to welcome you back to studio, with your doctor’s approval, at a minimum of 6 weeks following a natural birth and 10-12 weeks post c-section. Again, we recommend your reintroduction with Personal Training.

Class recordings

Class recordings/on-demand workouts are only available with our Membership options.

Cancelling your Membership

We’ll be sorry to see you leave, however, should you wish to cancel your Membership, just get in touch with us at [email protected] at least 4 days before your next billing period to make sure there are no extras charges to your account. You’ll still be able to access classes until the end of your billing cycle.

News, Updates & Offers

We like to keep in touch and share anything we have on offer, with special classes and anything fun going on online – we respect your inbox and keep our newsletters light. You always have the option to unsubscribe and we promise never to share your details for marketing purposes with any other business. You can join the conversation here, we’d love to stay connected!



Our classes are designed to suit everybody, whether you’ve tried reformer Pilates before or you’re brand new! However to ensure you get the most from your first experience, we highly recommend you book into a Find Your Flow class. This is a group class, with more focus on your individual needs, taught at a pace that allows you grasp the principles and flow of our unique method.


What to wear | We suggest wearing clothes which allow your body to move, ideally with some stretch! We will not require you to wear a face mask in studio, unless advised by the government. However, if you feel more comfortable with a covering and/or gloves, you are of course welcome to bring your own and wear during class.

What to bring | Please bring a water bottle; we have double-filtered water at every studio and as part of our commitment to making the world a better place, we no longer provide compostable cups. And for the time being, please bring your own sweat towel.

Arrival | Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your first class, so that you can familiarise yourself with the studio, your teacher and the Coreformer. Your teacher will check you in while honouring your space.

What to expect | Before and after every class, we will ask you to clean your Coreformer with the disinfectant wipes provided and encourage you to sanitise your hands. Our studios are shoe-free, with designated areas upon entering the studio to leave your shoes. Feel free to wear socks for your workout and to move around the studio.

Studio Safety | Please arrive ready to move with minimal belongings, to keep the common areas clear and to keep your belongings safe.


Adjustments | Throughout your class, our teachers will offer form-adjustment cues, however, these will be solely verbal until further notice.


Studio Amenities | Hairdryers and straighteners are available in all studios, however, our shared amenities, including showers, towels and products to freshen-up will be unavailable until further notice.

Departure | After class, we kindly ask you to leave the studio within 5 minutes of your class ending to avoid guest crossover, and allow time for the next class to set up safely.

We’re committed to making your experience as enjoyable as possible, so if you have any other questions just send an email to [email protected] and our team will get back to you. We can’t wait to meet you in class soon!


You will need to register and buy a class, or class pack, online before you can book in.

Bookings + Waitlists | Schedules for all classes go live two weeks in advance, giving you the chance to pick your favourite class, studio and teacher. If the class you’ve set your heart on is full, join the waitlist as spaces often open up. You will be automatically added to the class should a space open up (at any time, and up to 12 hours before the class starts) and you will receive an email to confirm you’re booked in.

Managing + Cancelling Bookings | You’re free to manage your class bookings and make cancellations online, via the website or app. Just make sure to do so with at least 12 hours to spare, to avoid incurring any late cancellation charges. This includes any class waitlists that you may have joined and are no longer able to make.

Managing Credits | You can share your class credits with a family member or friend, just give us a call so we can set up the link between your accounts.


Our studios are warm and inviting, each with their own vibe for you to enjoy, however we do have a few house rules which allow for everyone in class to have the most positive and powerful class experience.

Children | We understand that sometimes you have little ones in tow, however for safety, we no longer allow young children into the studio.

Pets | We truly love your pets, but sadly we no longer allow them into the studios.

Mobile Phones | We know that life is full, and it’s hard to switch off — but your class time is precious. We ask that you leave your phone on silent throughout class, and only bring it into the studio if you really need it.

Lateness | Life throws us curveballs from time to time, and they can sometimes make you late for class; rest assured, we’ll always settle you in safely to the group when you arrive. However, if you are running late for your first class, for your own health and safety, and to ensure you have the best first experience, we may ask for you to reschedule via our team at [email protected].


Keep Moving | You are welcome to continue moving on the Coreformer throughout your pregnancy, up until the 6 month mark and with the approval of your doctor. Our teachers will follow your progress and advise you will all of necessary adjustments and support.

First Timers | If you’re new to our classes, we ask that you book a personal training session for your first visit with one of our expert team, and with your doctor’s approval, before joining a group class. Please refer to our T&C’s here

Third Trimester | Past the 6-month mark we ask for you to continue moving with us privately, and you can contact the team via [email protected] to discuss your available options.

Post-Natal Care | We will be delighted to welcome you back to studio, with your doctor’s approval, at a minimum of 6 weeks following a natural birth and 10-12 weeks post c-section. Again, we recommend you book a personal training session or a Find Your Flow class for your first class back.


We like to keep in touch and share anything we have on offer, with special classes and anything fun going on in and around the studios – we respect your inbox and keep our newsletters light. You always have the option to unsubscribe and we promise never to share your details for marketing purposes with any other business. You can join the conversation here, we’d love to stay connected!


As always, keeping you safe is key to our commitment, so please check our Health & Safety page for regular updates as we continue to review and follow any new guidance on studio capacity and processes. As always, we’re here for any questions you might have and you can reach out to our team via [email protected] or live chat.

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