Heartcore will move you

Heartcore is a unique workout that blends the key principles of Pilates with the wisdom of Yoga, wrapped in the joy of dynamic movement. Our exceptional teachers draw on over 200 customised movements that will help you build a long and strong physique, and feel strong from the inside out.

We begin with your heart, we take care of your mind and we will transform your body.

Heartcore will change you

From complete beginners to advanced athletes, Heartcore’s unique dynamic Pilates Method is designed to build the body’s strength and balance through a series of conscious, powerful movements.


Our muscular skeletal system is what holds us together: Heartcore activates every part of this network. Feel the strength flow through your core.


Our movements are designed to develop not just strength but length. You will build a defined, lithe physique.


Heartcore is designed for stretch as well as strength, enhancing joint mobility. You will unlock and unblock, increasing range of motion across all parts of the body.


Heartcore builds endurance, improving your performance across all other forms of exercise, and reducing the likelihood of injury.


Conscious, repetitive movement brings increased mental clarity. Heartcore boosts concentration, improves focus and enhances memory.


You can do this! Leave Heartcore classes filled with confidence, lifted by the challenge and high on your achievement.


A strong core is the foundation for better posture. By recruiting supporting muscles and improving coordination, Heartcore leaves you taller, moving more gracefully.


Deep diaphragmatic breathing activates blood circulation and awakens the body. Calm your nervous system, activate your body and improve your mood when you learn our breath work methodology.


We begin and end with heart. Being heart strong means being kind, stepping back from judgement and practising forgiveness. These principles are everything to us.

Our Classes

You can choose to join us in person in one of our beautiful London studios, or move with us online on the mat, anytime that suits you.

Join us

Coreformer Pilates

In Studio

Our core Heartcore class. Using resistance to build strength, our Coreformer activates every muscle in the body through a series of energetic repetitions that build muscle length and tone. The class peaks in a set of abdominal powerhouse moves that build strength from the inside out.

Heartcore on the Mat

In Studio + Online

Everything you love about the Heartcore Method, transitioned onto the mat. Choose between Strength, Cardio and Flow. Detox your body, relax your mind and tone your muscles.

Find Your Flow

In Studio

A more methodical version of the Coreformer class focusing on the principles of resistance based Pilates. Hone your technique or learn your way around the Coreformer, taking time to explore and drop deeper into each move mentally and physically. Leave empowered inside and out.

Pregnancy Workshop

in studio

Designed to support the ways pregnancy changes your body, our prenatal workshop teaches key third trimester modifications for you to move safely in our signature Coreformer Pilates and Find Your Flow classes.

Warrior Class

Livestream + On-Demand

Celebrating your free spirit, open heart and inner warrior — we come together online for a powerful, non-stop full body workout. We build strength, we flow, we let go and you’ll leave feeling like you can take on the world!

Pilates Flow


Our signature Dynamic Mat Pilates method taught at a pace that allows you to find your flow. In this class, we create space to let new things into our lives and flow steadily through a full body workout.

Focus on Stretch


Our focused Stretch and Release sessions are designed to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and free of tension in all the key spots.

Focus on Strength


Looking to build strength in a specific area? Our strength classes cover all of the main muscle groups in a short, focused session. Check out our Just Core, Just Glutes, All Arms and Advanced Pilates. Use these to break up your day, as an add-on to your cardio, or where you know you need it the most.

Focus on Energy


Sometimes we all need a blast of positive energy to clear our minds and breathe life into our limbs. Join one of our energy classes in Just Cardio, Warrior 75 and Power Pilates for a hit of endorphins to raise your heart and your mood.

Wake Up & Wind Down


A powerful combination of strength and stretch, these online Rise + Shine, Breathe & Release and Unwind flow classes are intentionally designed to open and sunset your day; allowing you to awaken or calm your energy.

Pre- & Post-Natal


Combining dynamic Mat Pilates, Yoga and Barre, we create energy, space and a feeling of empowerment towards physical and emotional change. With a healthy boost to your circulation, energy levels and overall wellbeing, you’ll enjoy pregnancy to its fullest and rehabilitate intelligently and effectively post-childbirth, and for the months to follow.



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