Heartcore Mat

A powerful experience for mind and body, move with us online or in studio.

Heartcore Mat is a journey into how we hold ourselves in space, an exercise in self awareness and body organisation. Choose from Strength, Cardio or Flow depending on what you need. Feel it on the inside, see it on the outside.

In studio, move and sweat in infrared heat. Enhances flexibility, promotes blood circulation and boosts metabolism.

Meet you on the mat

Choose from Strength, Cardio or Flow. Our Mat classes are designed to build strength, shift energy and calm the mind.



in studio + online

This class guarantees results, building full body strength and mental resilience through mindful and effective Heartcore movements. With a regular practice you will improve mobility, coordination, balance and muscle tone. Feel calm in mind and empowered in body.


in studio + online

This is Heartcore’s most mindful mat class — a full body flow focusing on improving your flexibility, body awareness, balance and core strength. Release built up tension and stress through conscious breathing. Feel a calm mind, open heart and restored body.


in studio + online

This is a full body strength workout, combined with sequences of low-impact cardio. It will condition your body, strengthen your heart and leave you flowing with energy. Your natural high.

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