Empower and inspire positive change in your life by taking a deeper dive into Heartcore Life with special workshops, virtual Lunch & Learns, exclusive founder-led classes, guest teachers and reviving retreats.


Join Heartcore founder, Jessie Blum this November for 5 days and 4 nights on retreat in Marrakech. Our retreats are about stepping out of our daily routine and coming together in a magical place; about reconnecting and remembering what life is all about — and to experience the transformational power of positive movement for mind, body, and soul. If you’re keen to learn more about the experiences we create, and to book your spot, head over to our retreat site to discover what we have planned…

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Join Lauren Naomi throughout the Summer for an energetic sculpt series on the mat. A 90-minute full-body strength workout which will leave you feeling strong in your mind and long, lean and defined in your body. Join us at 1pm on Saturday July 13th, July 27th & August 10th at Heartcore Bayswater, and live online.


Combining Tifuh’s passion for mindful movement and her deep love of music and dance, Soul Flow is a 90-minute session of love and freedom for mind and body.

Guiding you through a journey of release, you’ll let go through rhythmic movement before energising and building heat in a dynamic flow. Through an extended cool-down, you’ll unwind mind and body and, together, appreciate a rare moment of stillness.

June 30 at Heartcore Bayswater.


For all those on the journey to becoming a mother, this is an essential workshop. The Heartcore Method is a powerful way to keep your body healthy, strong and ache free through your pregnancy, teaching key modifications so you can continue to attend Coreformer classes during your third trimester. These modifications will allow you to move safely and joyfully through your classes, adapting movements that will protect your core and create space for your baby to grow, whilst creating stability and support in the rest of the body to balance your changing shape. Available at our Bayswater, Fulham and Hampstead studios.

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