The Heartcore Teacher

Whether you’re fired up about moving an online community, or your heart beats the hardest for leading in person studio classes — here’s little more about what we look for in a Heartcore teacher.

We welcome variety in your background with experience in Pilates, Dance, Barre, Free Movement and Yoga desirable. You’re already leading energised group classes with confidence. And, although we take all of our teachers through an in-depth Heartcore training program, we look for at least 2 years’ experience in a professional fitness role, supported with a minimum Level 2/3 REP’s or CIMSPA qualification.


You are clear about why you chose to become a teacher and you have unique gifts to share with the world.


You have a clear and authentic voice; for you, empowering, energising and uplifting language flows easily.


You have a natural confidence and command of the room; you are the person everyone naturally gravitates towards. Your energy is radiant; a unique mix of your passions, your spirit and your wisdom.


You are a master of your craft, yet always looking to learn and grow. You have excellent form, alignment and body awareness, and an innate and intelligent ability to move the body.


You have a natural sense of rhythm and the ability to identify, count and teach on the beat. You have your own unique style and love to craft the perfect soundtrack to match the energy of your class.

Available Opportunities

Sat 31 Dec

Teacher Training | Coreformer Pilates


If you’re a teacher who has taken a Heartcore class, and your heart skips a beat when thinking about teaching classes at Heartcore, you’re in luck — we’re hiring!

Our Winter/Spring ’23 teacher training, led by Rodrigo and some of the wider Heartcore team, will start early February, with the goal of having you ready to teach classes by mid March.

We require extensive knowledge in movement, a current Training Certificate (Level 3 or equivalent mat-based Pilates Diploma) and at least 2 years experience in leading in-person group classes.

If you want to learn more, please apply below and set up a time to talk to our People Team.

It will be a commitment of x4 weekends, self-led learning and weekday teach backs and practice classes. We will ask that you have taken at least 10 Heartcore Dynamic Pilates classes in studio ahead of training starting.

We will ask you to share your current CV, cover letter and a 10-15 min video of you moving and teaching to camera.

Final applications by December 31st and we will commit to responding to every application.


Sun 18 Dec

Teacher Training | Heartcore on the Mat


We are looking for experienced teachers to join our Heartcore on the Mat team; our newly launched mat-based, musically-inspired, in-studio experience.

Combining the most effective elements of Pilates, the wisdom of Yoga and joy of free movement, this dynamic mind-body flow holds true to our promise of physical and mental transformation.

As a teacher we require you to have a background in dance, and a strong ability to move to BPM. Alongside a creative way of moving on the mat, we will also need to ensure you have a captivating presence and confidence to hold space both for our in-studio guests and online community.

To find out more, please connect with Ashleigh, our Head of People, and she can give more detail about the audition and training process. Email: [email protected]


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