Our Story

Born in L.A., raised in london

“I wanted to create a home away from home; an inviting space where people could show up, free from judgement and get the most transformational workout imaginable.

In 2007 the dream became a reality when we opened the doors of our first studio in London. It was a humble space in Kensington, but it was magic. It quickly became the local’s club, where everyone was welcome.

Our unique method, and our heart-led approach, is different to everything else out there; it’s fun, intelligent and designed for the mind, heart and whole body — a journey from the inside out.


Today, Heartcore is so much more than I dreamt it could be all those years ago. I thought it would be one studio, maybe two — but we’re now a thriving global community, both in-studio and online.

Our commitment is to make you feel great and to allow you to shine your brightest, every day. If we can move our community, inspire them, and make them stronger so that they can go out there and take on the world — then, we’ll be pretty happy with that!”

Jessie | Founder + CEO

Looking back, I totally understand how I got to where I am today. I was a wild child. Born in Germany, I grew up in the forest on horseback and tended to do everything the ‘Aquarius way’. My mother was a creative visionary, making everything around her magical and beautiful. My father is an entrepreneur, award-winning winemaker and storyteller. I guess you could say I’m a blend of both worlds.

I started my career as a designer but discovered fitness whilst living in L.A.; and it was there that I learnt from the best, developed the Heartcore Method and was inspired to take the courageous step to bring boutique fitness to London. It’s been an incredible journey so far, opening unique studios all over town, developing and manufacturing our Coreformer (which Vanity Fair called “the Rolls Royce of PilatesReformers”) and creating a really powerful community of beating hearts, so many of which I am proud to call friends.

Of course, as any entrepreneur can attest, you roll through highs & lows and I am so grateful for never losing the focus or the passion for what we create at Heartcore every single day. Now more than ever I am excited about what the future holds as we work to bring the power of positive movement to the world.

Jess Schuring

Life is too short and too precious to spend a single second doing things that don’t make you happy. When you focus on what brings joy, respect and love to your body, the results will come. And that’s what we do at Heartcore.


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