We are here to inspire you through the power of positive movement.

Heartcore, born in L.A., raised in London

Hello, I’m Jessie, thank you so much for being here. 

I founded Heartcore because I believe that when we are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in balance we are capable of achieving incredible things. 

Living in large cities like London, Los Angeles and Hamburg taught me how important it is to find a community where you feel welcome, safe and inspired. This is how we are able to thrive and grow. 

We started in 2007 when London had nothing like this. Our first studio quickly became ‘London’s best kept secret’. I worked hard to evolve the Heartcore Method, establish our business and build our brand. Our guests raised us up, as they experienced the transformation we promise. We opened another studio, and another. Meanwhile, I was looking for a Reformer that could do what I needed it to do. I couldn’t find one, so I created the Coreformer. It is what so many come to Heartcore to discover.

Whilst our community grew, we have always focussed on one heart at a time, nurturing every relationship, every studio, every teacher, every guest. I’m proud of all that we are and how much we all want it to count. As a founder, teacher and leader, I learn and witness every day the power of positive movement and I am excited for you to discover this for yourself. We move you so you can move the world.

Jessie Blum, Heartcore Founder

Jessie Blum | Founder + CEO

Jessie was born in Germany to a family of creatives, doctors and entrepreneurs. She began work in Hamburg as a designer but her adventure spirit soon took her to Australia, and eventually Los Angeles. There she became a personal trainer, working closely with the Hollywood A list. As her reputation for deep transformation grew, Jessie realised gym culture could offer so much more. That it had the potential to change not just your body, but your mind and heart too. 

Landing in London, she opened her first studio in Kensington. Heartcore pioneered the boutique fitness concept, and word of Heartcore’s Method quickly spread – “Life changing”, “Heartcore got me through the toughest of times.” “I can’t image life without Heartcore”. 

The business grew, the Method evolved and Jessie began the journey to design the Coreformer, “The Rolls Royce of Reformers”, as Vanity Fair came to call it. The awards and accolades rolled in, including, Most Beautiful Studio Space, Best Gym Design, Best Natural High, Tatler Gym Awards. Soon after, Heartcore Online was launched, a pioneering transition of the Heartcore Method to the Mat, which was voted best online workout two years later. Studios continued to open in more of London’s most aspirational neighbourhoods, and now Heartcore is a thriving global community. The future is as ambitious as Jessie has always been: plans for many more ways to bring Heartcore to as many people as possible are in the pipeline. Because Heartcore’s aim is to empower everyone to become healthier, happier versions of themselves.

When you focus on what brings you joy and you treat your body with love and respect, the results will come — and that’s what we do at Heartcore.

Jessie Blum

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