Reformer vs Mat Pilates?

Love working out on the Coreformer? If you really want to boost the benefits, think about building in some mat time. Find out why.

All our classes, mat or Coreformer, are designed around the key movements and principles of the Heartcore Method. By varying the challenge to the mind and body, you will maximise the benefits – particularly around strength, focus, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. 

Every Heartcore class is built around strengthening the core, and resistance is one of the tools we use to achieve this. On the Coreformer you work with or against the carriage springs for resistance, on the mat we use gravity against our own body weight, (some moves also have the option to build in dumbbells and rings). Two very different ways of building strength: on the mat, we are more aware of our body in space, which requires greater skills around balance and strength. “Once you do a class on the mat, you learn to engage and hold your body differently,” says Jessie. “When you come back to the Coreformer, you will appreciate it in a new way. The beauty of combining both is that you are constantly challenging the body and mind in different ways.” 

Moving on the mat instils a different mindset. On the Coreformer, you pay attention to the equipment, while on the mat, you’ll discover a greater ability to focus on yourself. Mat work requires increased body awareness and organisation, meaning your brain is exercised differently, helping build the muscles around focus. You learn to engage and position your body on the mat with a lot more attention. “While the Coreformer becomes an extension of you during the class, on the mat, it’s all you,” says Jessie. “Without the Coreformer to hold you, your body needs to work in a different way.”

Both classes have been designed to complement each other for maximum benefit. Mat classes will teach you body awareness, helping you to move more efficiently when you return to the Coreformer, while the Coreformer provides increased strength, mobility and flexibility. 

Combining mat classes with your regular weekly Coreformer classes will leverage your body for remarkable results. Jessie recommends a mix of 3-4 Coreformer and mat classes a week, giving you more opportunities to explore, challenge and connect mind and body. 

You can join our mat classes at Heartcore Bayswater or join us online, livestream and on demand. If you love Heartcore on the Coreformer, we know you are going to love moving with us on the Mat.

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