We know that kindness holds the magic to bring us together, empowering us as a collective in choosing love-first. Get…

We know that kindness holds the magic to bring us together, empowering us as a collective in choosing love-first. Get to know the people at the heart of it all as we shine the light across our community – a look behind the scenes.

Meet Tifuh, first up in sharing her inspirations, what positive movement and community really mean to her.


Connecting with your body and your soul. Tapping into a feeling of wholeness; grounded and open. Knowing we hold within us the power to change the world…

Describe your Heartcore journey?

The first time I came to a Heartcore studio, I felt the energy immediately – a beautiful space with beautiful energy. I remember the pumping music, my body being pulled in different directions – it was tough, but I kept moving. When Express Yourself by Madonna came on I went crazy – that was the moment. It was one of the hardest and most fulfilling workouts I’ve ever done and I felt so grounded and open.

My teacher training began on 6th October, over two years ago. The whole time I was training I felt so supported, it was intense and challenging but the support was incredible. I have a special attachment to Heartcore – if there’s a place called home, that’s here, for me.


My three true loves are people, music and movement. I was supposed to be a lawyer, like my dad, but law was not my destiny. I began in the fitness world – I love dance and have a sports diploma from the University in Toulouse. After more than a decade working in the fitness industry, I found my way to yoga – the poses made me feel grounded, open. I travelled to New York alone to train at Laughing Lotus, then returned to Paris and started teaching. Then following 18 years in the fitness industry, I decided to take time off to define the next steps in my evolution as a teacher. I spent three years travelling – Tahiti, French Polynesia, India, Tanzania, then in Zanzibar I taught yoga as mukti – humanitarian yoga therapy. I realised that was the way I wanted to teach – to connect with people, to care for people. 

Heartcore isn’t just teaching, it’s guiding people to know themselves. It’s a platform to express myself through teaching – I love inspiring, generating energy. Heartcore has given me the opportunity to teach from the heart, to express the essence of my gift as a teacher.

Surfers in the sea from a distance with an early morning sky


I didn’t see a lot of diversity in the community back in the days. More recently, I’ve seen a beautiful diversity though, in gender, age, culture and size. To find your space in a community, you have to find your integrity – I’m guiding people to find that. It’s magical that everyone comes to a Heartcore class, finds their integrity and then brings that together. Heartcore is unique – it’s holistic – everything is designed to connect with your heart, to light that fire in your belly. It’s about being a fierce warrior.


The Pike – it makes me feel so uplifted. I use my belly to pull me up, I feel light on my toes, floating up, almost lifting off. The pike combines stability in the upper body with a deep connection from the core. I love how we need to move inwards with this one. It’s like an inversion, the slower the better – the sensation on the Coreformer® is unique.


I’m watching 911 – an American series with Angela Bassett about first responders. It’s about hope and tackling basic human problems. They go out and save people’s lives, and there’s always a lesson. I cry a lot when I watch it; I love flexing my empathy muscles.

I’m reading A Radical Awakening, by Dr Shefali Tsabary. I discovered her via a podcast she did with Oprah. It’s about womanhood, the sisterhood, it’s helping me understand myself better as a woman.

And listening to all kinds of music, beautiful lyrics, and dope beats inspire me. I love songs with a message. I’m very careful about the lyrics for my class. I love Joy Anonymous – I sometimes start my class with JOY (if I held your hand) from their album Human Joy – the lyrics are magical. Homingbird by Kinnship is beautiful and melancholic, perfect for the Long Spine Series at the end of class.

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