Build your strength from the inside out 

Introducing Heartcore and Detox Kitchen’s partnership

“To us food isn’t just food. It is a pathway to better energy levels, sharper mental clarity, improved mood, better health and well being,” say Detox Kitchen. Just what we like to focus on at Heartcore.

Healthy exercise and nutrition will feed your body and your mind. Put them together and you have a powerful combination, which is why we are working with our friends at Detox Kitchen to ‘Find Your Rhythm’ this month. Heartcore is all about feeling strong, centred and balanced from the inside out, and combining the right food with the Heartcore Method will help you on your journey to a long lithe body, a calm mind and a strong heart.

Approaching the way you eat with balance and mindfulness is the key to building good habits, just as it is with exercise. For these habits to be successful and earn their rightful place in your life, they need to be enjoyable. What you eat, like how you exercise, should be something to look forward to.

Switching up your diet with different flavours will help you maintain a good level of nutrients in what you eat. Likewise, mixing up different Heartcore classes to vary your workout will help you maintain your exercise program. You could also try setting goals to challenge yourself, at the same time as being kind to and intuitive with your body, sleeping and eating mindfully so you have enough energy and fuel.

Healthy, nutritious food focuses on the inside out, so good eating habits align perfectly with Heartcore’s focus on the centre of your being. If you want to build on the work you are doing with the Heartcore Method, and you want to increase focus, clarity and strength, then a Detox Kitchen cleanse or meal plan will give your year a fantastic head start, (and as a member of the Heartcore community you’ll enjoy 20% off any order at Detox Kitchen).

“Combining a healthy diet with the Heartcore Method will help you feel like a new person – balanced, calm, present, empowered and strong,” says Jessie.

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